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Some Positive Thoughts On Training Your Dog

In all efforts to help make certain your dog leads a healthy and happy life, proper training plays a strong role. There are, however, a wide variety of different type training courses available and very often it can pose a problem selecting the best one for your dog. To best understand your options, take a look at the guide below.

For starters, there is a puppy preschool recommended for those puppies aged six weeks to five months of age. These type courses will typically run from about six weeks to eight weeks long. And basically, your puppy is taught things such as learning to stay in place when told to, as well as how to obey commands to come when called and sit when instructed. In addition, they begin to learn how to associate with other puppies and also other people.

The second type of training course is a great option if your canine has reached the five-month level. It is referred to as basic dog training. Basically, your dog will learn how to properly walk on the leash and to obey various commands like stay, sit and go. It is typically 8-10 weeks duration for this course.

Still, another dog training course is the one known as the intermediate training course. This course basically covers the same things that the basic course covers but goes into greater detail. This course also goes 8-10 weeks and your dog learns to follow directions from other people.

The dogs that take the intermediate training course have to be at least five months of age and should also be familiar with their owner’s basic commands or at least have already finished with the basic dog training course.

The next type of training for the dog will be the advanced dog course. Even though it bears a lot of similarities with the intermediate course, it is, in fact, a lot more detailed. One of the great results offered by this course is that the dog will learn to sit without needing to be prompted. Still another great benefit is that the dog learns how to walk without a leash with its owner.

Once again, the duration of the advanced course will go between 8 and 10 weeks. You should also be aware that the dog is required to have completed the intermediate course before taking the advanced one. This course also properly prepares your dog to take the Good citizen training course which is the final one offered.

That dog who is able to gain qualification for this final course is going to learn the ten necessary dog training aspects required to pass this course. To pass the final test which can be a bit difficult, your dog will need to be very well behaved. And depending on just how long it takes your dog to pass the final examination, the course can last several weeks.

With the knowledge offered here, you will have a better understanding which of these different courses will be best suited for your dog to take. If you still have any doubts or questions about what courses are the best choice for your dog, seeking out an opinion from one of your local dog trainers is a great choice to make and will help you make the best decision.


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