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Training a Pitbull

Pitbulls find it very difficult to get into a good rap with people. But if you are able to socialize them properly, they are very friendly, and people oriented pets. They are not for everyone because they have a high level of energy and strength. If you have decided to make a Pitbull your pet, you sometime in future you will know that the Pitbulls are very intelligent and have a great eagerness for learning new things.

How to train your Pitbull

  • Obedience training and dog sports are two awards which always go into the hands of the Pitbull owners. But the fear which is in the minds of many people is from the news of Pitbull fights and Pitbull attacks. This can be one such reason you should keep in mind before getting a Pitbull. Proper training will never let a Pitbull attack you. A well trained Pitbull can represent the whole community of it and show people that with good training they can be great pets.
  • If you already own Pitbull puppies or you are planning to get a new Pitbull, make sure you start the training with the techniques of proper socializing. It is very important for your Pitbull pet to know everyone around him from a very early for better exhibition of socializing ones it grows up to an adult. Introduce it to all types of people like children, men, women, and also to other animals. Make him used to get handled by the people surrounding him. You should keep everything positive in front of him and let him go for new things according to his age. This type of socialization at such an early stage is a very thing to do if you own a Pitbull.
  • There is nothing that is very different in the case of training a Pitbull which is not needed in the case of the other breeds. Because of their built and strength, training them does not need many corrections.
  • You will always get the best results with the reward based training. Most Pitbulls love to work for rewards because of their eagerness to learn anything.

Pitbulls have a reputation as fighting dogs, so they do not usually get along quite easily with another breed of dogs. But you should take each dog as an individual, and there are also some who get really well other household dogs. But it does not mean that just because it shows aggression towards other dogs, it has the tendency to attack people too. It is important to train the Pitbull in order to make him obedient.


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