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Tips To Help A Beginner To Ride A Horse Safely

Many people especially beginners who do not have much experience in horse riding are seen to commit some mistakes. It is important to learn the right body posture and movement of body parts to get enhanced grip and control, while riding a horse.

Keeping your hands free in the air

The position of your hands plays an important role at the time of riding a horse. Hands and arms are naturally used by riders to get a nice balance whenever they start to feel insecure. It has been seen that novice horse riders keep their hands high in the air.

Mostly the level of their hands reaches to the height of the shoulder. This position of hands does not give rider any control on the horse. It is advised to firmly hold the reins by both of your hands. This will give you better control while riding the horse. Salisbury Farms is a unique equestrian facility that provides a classical approach and training program that helps novice riders to learn to ride their horses.

Making a tight grip with the legs

When you are riding a horse, you need to keep your legs hang in a comfortable way. You should not pinch with the knees. Keep your muscles active, without being in a tense condition.

Not just gripping and clenching will make the body tense, but also affect the attitude of the horse.  It is advised that when a person is sitting in the saddle, they should let the leg hang comfortably from the hip. One should allow all the body weight to fall down on the heel.


Slouching is another common mistake that new horse riders make. They tend to slouch to the side, or to the front or back. It makes the job of your horse much more difficult. Slouching can happen when the rider is feeling scared of the height, anxious about riding, or imitating hunched over cowboys etc.

There are some nervous horse riders, who curl their body into the fetal posture, as they ride. Though controlling a horse while hunching may affect your balance but it is very important to learn in order to ride a horse, in a safe way. The best strategy would be to sit up in a relaxed and erect position.

Drawing Up Your Knees

Keeping your knees too high is again a common error while riding a horse. Most of the new horse riders appear as if they are sitting in a chair at the time of getting in the saddle. Both of the knees as well as heels are held up or forced down.

There are some of the riders who also look like trying to emulate jockeys while horse riding. A simple fix in this case is to clench with the help of the leg. One has to work hard on letting the leg hang in the downward position from the hip. This will ensure that your leg stays in the proper alignment.


Learning about these mistakes would definitely guard one from repeating them again.

Author’s Bio:

This Guest Post has been written by Scott Forbes. If you want to learn horseback riding, then Salisbury Farms is the place for you. They are located at the Pillsbury Saddle and Driving Club and have a team of experts to make you into a good horse rider. They teach expert horsemen ship through classical approach and are one of the best in this field.


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