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Taking Care of Your Dog/s in a Busy City

Bustling cities, such as New York, London, Tokyo, and the likes move at a fast pace. It’s where dreams are pursued and professionals work day and night to make sure they stay competitive in their respective fields. With this on-the-go city lifestyle, the last thing a person may want to do is to take care of a dog. It’s very time-consuming and costly to care for a dog, from buying their food to regularly taking them outside to pee and poop. Nonetheless, there are ways to take care of a dog in such a stimulating and demanding environment.

Establish a Work/Pet Schedule

Your work can interfere with your ability to take care of your pet, and vice versa. The only way such an arrangement would work is by having a detailed weekly or monthly schedule and sticking with it. In advance, look at your work hours and any future meetings or seminars that may indicate late work nights and out-of-town business trips. If your job allows you to work from home, take this into account as well. As for your pet’s schedule, figure out the hours of the day that they’ll need to be walked. They’re regular vet checkups should also be considered.

Find a Good Vet

It’s more expensive and far more pernicious to your dog’s health if you let diseases or injury get to them. Working with a good veterinarian ensures that your dog gets the best preventative care against diseases and injuries. Of course, it can also be costly to take your dog to the vet every time he/she limps or wheezes. Online resources, like, can offer free, detailed advice on how to care for your dogs as well as other dog ownership hacks that you should know of.

Learn to Navigate Around Dog Parks

Because most cities are densely populated, you’ll find that dog parks are prevalent and usually packed. Dog parks are generally safe as dog owners who come into the park are required to adhere to laws beforehand. Still, there are times when playtime becomes too intense or some random dog snaps at another. You need to be fully aware of your surroundings at all times and react accordingly to how the dogs are behaving at the park. This will reduce the chances of your dog getting into a fight, which may lead to trauma and medical expenses.

Automate Tasks

Subscribing to monthly dog delivery services, like Barkbox, saves you the time and hassle from those occasional trips to the store to buy treats, toys, and other doggy supplies. Another way you can automate and save time is paying your dog’s daycare with a linked credit/debit card. This way, you can simply bring your pup to the daycare without worrying if you have enough cash.

Taking care of your dog in the city is more challenging due to space constraints and the myriad of stimuli that can affect your dog’s behavior and lifestyle. With the four tips aforementioned, you can give your beloved pup the care and attention he/she needs without compromising your own personal and professional life.


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