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Protect Your dog from Being Stolen

For a dog owner, nothing can be more painful than getting his/her beloved pooch stolen. In the United States, more than 2 million dogs go missing every year. The phenomenon, dog theft is increasing day by day. It’s been done for a couple of reasons. The thieves sell the pure breeds at high prices or use them in dog fighting, research or even keep them to demand ransom. Whatever the reason might be, you need to take some precautions to prevent your dogs from getting stolen. Let’s proceed to them.

  1. Make a kennel: Never leave your dog alone. Build a kennel for your pooch or buy one. When you are leaving your dog alone, keep it inside the kennel before going. Buy chew proof dog bed for kennel so that when you leave, your dog can sleep in its cozy bed and doesn’t leave the kennel.
  2. Keep your dog on a leash: A dog with a leash will be less likely to be kidnapped whereas a kidnapper can easily target an off-leash dog. You can also buy a collar for your dog and provide information tag on it. If your dog goes missing people can contact you if they find it.
  3. Microchip: Get a microchip inserted under your dog’s skin. It doesn’t hurt. It contains owner’s information. So you can find your dog if it goes missing.
  4. Secure your yard: Make sure your yard has a sturdy fence and a well-maintained entrance. There should be no holes or breakage as your dog can escape also. Your entrance or gate should be locked always as dogs like to play around the yard.
  5. Always keep a eye on your dog: When your dog is playing in the yard, or in a dog park, keep an eye on it. It would be better if you keep the dog attached with you with the leash. When you are in a dog park, don’t get too indulged into a conversation and get distracted from your dog. It is easy for thieves to steal dogs from dog parks. So be careful whether you are in a dog park or any place outside.
  6. Do not leave your dog unattended: Whether in your home or outside do not leave the dog unattended. Despite being in a secured place, it can get stolen. When you go to a store, don’t leave the dog outside. And do not leave him to play on the streets when you are not holding the leash. Other than kidnapping, any other accident can happen. A car might hit the little puppy or any wild animal can attack him. So always keep him with you, with the leash in your hands.
  7. Do not leave the dog in your car: Don’t leave your dog alone in a car. We all know how easy it is to break into a car nowadays. Keep him with you. If you are in a place from where you can see your car and then you put your dog inside it, always think about the temperature of the day. If it is a hot day, the dog might get hypothermia due to excessive heat inside a locked car. Again, an air-conditioned car might freeze him to death. So consider all these facts if you ever think of leaving your dog inside a locked car.If you have no choice without leaving the dog in the car, make sure to lock all the windows and doors and also do not forget to set a comfy temperature inside the car.
  1. Avoid letting people know your dog’s value: You cannot help loving your pet, your pooch. But you don’t need to brag to strangers about it. Letting random people know that you love your pet remarkably will only allow thieves to know the value or price they might get if they steal your pet. Advertising your dog’s value will only create risks for your dog. So keep your love within yourself.
  2. Be careful with strangers having too much interest in your dog: Strangers showing much interest in your dog is suspicious. If such a person wants to carry your dog or take it to walk, don’t allow him to do that. Politely decline them. If strangers want to pet your dog that is alright but strangers who are surprisingly interested in your dog must not be allowed to carry them.
  3. Don’t leave your dog outside a store: It is a widespread phenomenon that someone leaves his dog outside a store for a minute and after a minute when he returns, the dog is no more there. Despite having a leash, a dog can be stolen. It is not a terrible task to break the leash and take the dog away. So if even you have to finish a few seconds task don’t leave your dog outside a store. It is not safe there.

So these were some steps you need to take to protect your dog from being stolen. Even after taking such measures your dog can get stolen. If this happens to report a missing complaint to your local police without any delay. Also, contact animal health officer or animal control officer in your area. Take immediate actions. But on top of everything, don’t get thieves a single chance to think about stealing your dog. Take every possible step to secure your dog.


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