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Passenger Bit By Emotional Support Dog On Plane

Dog bite incidents can happen anywhere, even on a plane.

As a Bakersfield dog bite lawyer, I have seen it all. Unfortunately, many of these incidents happen when the victim least expects, oftentimes putting the very pet owner in grave danger. This is why we always tell our clients to make sure they understand how dangerous certain circumstances may be and that pets should always be trained and well-acquainted with other animals, people, and highly stressful situations that may force them to act erratically.

The latest dog bite incident to have been reported nationwide took place inside of a commercial aeroplane. And what’s worse, it put everyone on edge as the entire ordeal took place just before the plane took off.

According to Fox, the dog involved in the dog bite incident was a lab mix that was about 50 pounds. The pet had been allowed inside the plane for being an emotional support dog and the pet owner appears to have been a combat veteran.

According to witnesses, the man with the dog was sitting in the middle seat while the victim was sitting by the window. The animal, which was on the owner’s lap, at some point attacked the passenger in the window seat, causing the victim injuries. Delta, the company involved in this incident, promptly got paramedics to offer assistance and help the victim walk out of the plane.

The injured passenger was helped and cared for while the dog was later cleared by local law enforcement. The dog owner and the animal were both placed on another flight later that day. While the dog was allowed to travel with its owner, it was put in a kennel for the flight.

Witnesses said that the dog owner was a veteran who seemed worried officials were going to put his dog down after the incident.

While we’re glad that this incident didn’t result in major or life-threatening injuries, it does concern us when a dog with an emotional support license hurts a bystander.

Dogs used for medical purposes should be properly trained so this type of incident doesn’t happen. Dog owners should also be made aware that they must make sure others understand that these animals aren’t to be petted or treated like household dogs.

In any case, we hope that the dog owner in this case is able to learn what happened to his dog to trigger this incident so he knows how to act in the future to avoid this type of occurrence.

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