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How to Use Your Pets for Pest Control

Having pets can truly bring a lot of happiness into the home. Some may be high maintenance, and take a lot of caring for, but we still love our pets here in our UK homes. So what if having animals around your house could bring you happiness and do your pest control for you?

Check out this list of animals you might want as a pet to help you get on top of pest problems in your home.

  • Birds – A budgie might not do much in terms of pest control, but having larger birds might do some good if you have a large property. Pets like owls and other birds of prey are endangered, and many are looking for caring homes in the UK. Birds like these can help catch cockroaches and rodents that may be plaguing your property.

  • Reptiles – Having different reptiles as pets is becoming more and more popular these days. Bearded dragons can eat insects from crickets to cockroaches. They may also eat mice if they are small enough.

  • Bats – Install a bat box onto the outside of your home. Bats eat huge quantities of insects, up to 3000 in one night, so they make great pest controllers to have around your home (outside, not inside remember!).

  • Cats – A cat can be fantastic for rodent control (unless you have a cat like Garfield, who isn’t much good for anything). UK cats on average each year catch 275 million prey items. These do include birds though, although the majority is rodents such as mice and rats. If you don’t want your cat to be able to get to the birds, make sure you feed birds high up and raised off the ground. Having your bird feeders raised will also stop rodents like mice and rats from having access to the bird food.

  • Dogs – Different breeds of dogs, like terriers, are fantastic at catching rats. This is why they’re so popular on farms and in stables

So, when you have a pest control problem, and don’t want or need to call out a pest control company, you may wish to consider a new pet which might even end up earning its own keep.


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