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Electronic Pet Fences: A General Overview

Nowadays, pet fences are quite common and are available in different types. Choosing one type and install them, depends totally on a pet’s surrounding area and their needs. In recent times, electronic fences are gaining popularity to keep the pet dogs safe and secured from other street dogs or any other such sort of danger. For more information about electronic fences, visit

Fences definitely make neighbors happy, but one needs to be sure about their pet’s happiness too. Here are some electronic fence facts which will help you in reaching a decision:

The basic structure of this fence type includes:

  • A battery-powered receiver attached to the collar of your pet
  • Wires that are to be buried in one’s yard
  • A transmitter which will send radio-wave signals across the buried wire


  • These features will keep your pet within the fence, safe in the yard by producing an electric shock through the battery-powered receiver which is placed on the pet’s collar, whenever an animal tries to cross or surpass the buried wires.
  • These fences can be installed in the yards as small as a quarter of an acre or so.
  • These fences can be buried in ponds or streams or even curved around the trees’ base and can be easily set on steep slopes
  • These are cost effective. The prices will vary according to the installation type you choose.
  • The installation procedure is quite easy as the wires need to be buried below the ground (a few inches or so); the transmitter to be plugged into one standard outlet, usually in the garage or a basement.

Cautionary Notes:

  • The pet’s veterinarian must be checked before installing such a wireless dog fence so as to ensure that the shocks to be produced won’t be harmful to the pet.
  • There are few disadvantages as well. For instance, while chasing a squirrel, the dog gets out of the buried wired region and thereby gets shocked while returning back to the yard.
  • Such a fence will not keep your dog secured from other animals wandering around your yard.
  • It limits the movements of your pet which can sometimes, frustrate him.
  • The outside intruders can also possibly corner the pet against such an electronic fence, thereby, causing severe injuries to the pet.

Therefore, before thinking of getting one electronic fence for your pet, you must know all its advantages and disadvantages so as to keep your pet from its consequences. You can visit to purchase and read reviews about such electronic fences.


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