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When it comes to owning a pet, that pet is your life, your baby, your best friend. And, for good reason. Though some people seem to forget this simple fact, animals are living things that should be treated with the same respect as you would give another person. And, I’m not a vegan or vegetarian. I firmly believe that eating animals is okay, but that doesn’t excuse cruelty prior to slaughter. No, your pets are on equal footing as your kids, for example, and they should be treated with love. And, they’ll repay that love and kindness, just like a human child. However, sometimes you may find that you’re not able to spoil your pet like you’d want to for financial reasons. Rest assured, though, there’s no need. Besides a special meal once in awhile, there’s not much your pets really need that’s all that special. Just like a human child, domesticated animals seem perfectly content to play with whatever they can find, at least as content as playing with store bought toys.

For example, my dog liked to play with an old baseball, like the kind you’d get from Lids. We just found it at the park, and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, and so we let him keep it, and now it’s one of his favorite toys. Likewise, any pet owner can tell you countless stories of their pets taking things, trying to tear up things, and otherwise making toys out of things that are not only not toys, but are actually your own clothes or prized possessions. No, animals aren’t all that picky, though they are prone to getting attached to specific “toys,” it doesn’t seem to matter much what kind of toy it is, or even whether or not it even is a toy. So, you can actually rest easy recycling whatever you have lying around and no longer want as a toy when you can’t afford an alternative.


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