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Basic Dog Behavior Training

Persistent and annoying biting and constant barking that keeps you awake all night are just some of the annoying behaviors that dogs can adopt. If this sounds like your dog, you may want to consider some easy yet effective dog behavior training which can make a big difference.

Your dog will probably bark even more loudly if you shout at him when he is barking, so shouting is not the answer, however, irritating the barking becomes. Your dog may be barking because he doesn’t realize that constant barking is wrong, or he may be barking for another reason, and you need to do all that you can to find out why.

Dogs can bark if there is a stranger or intruder nearby, if they are afraid or unhappy, or if they need to go outside. You may need to invest in a dog collar that emits a tiny but harmless electric shock to help to stop the barking, and there are also other products available to help solve the problem of too much barking.

In some areas, if your dog bites someone there is a good chance that he will be put down, making a biting dog a very real concern. One of the most important things that you can teach your dog is not to bite people, although this dog behavior training will take perseverance and you will need to remain firm.

When dogs play together, they use their mouths to play, and a young dog will nip and bite your hand without thinking anything of it. It is important that your dog learns that he should not bite a hand, and you can do this by offering him a rawhide treat or a chew toy with one hand while stroking him with your other hand. For this dog behavior training to be most effective, you will have to repeat the process.

If you are something of a novice when it comes to dog behavior training, it is recommended to get some help, although an experienced pet owner will probably find it easier. Other dog owners have the same challenges with their dog, and you can get support and advice from others in the same situation by participating in a dog behavior class.

Remember that there is help and support available, especially if you feel overwhelmed and fear that your relationship with your dog is being strained. It is possible to effectively address these negative behaviors, and it is also worth remembering that every dog will experience at least one of these behaviors at some poin


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