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Amazing Pottery for cat lovers to showcase their love

There are artists, and there are animal lovers, but when both these attributes meet, it gives rise to something unique and epic. This epic combination was discovered in a woman named Lisa Larson, and sooner she became famous with the name Lisa Larson’s cats. Well, the story of this woman is far from interesting, and her journey from an artist to the cats’ artist is amusing as well. Taking a step closer to this woman, we are sharing some of the amazing information onthis woman and her journey in this article.

From the beginning

Lisa Larson was born in Harlunda, a place situated in the South of the famous nation of Europe, Sweden. Born to a father who was a passionate artist and admirer of art, Lisa too inherited the same qualities. Her father always came home with a new piece of art and from this Lisa gained her inspiration. Right from her adolescence age, she showed interest in carving wood as her father did and was admitted to the School of Design at the age of 18 where she pursued her dream and went in the stage of becoming an artist. She dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, but her love towards clay made her what she is today.

The making of the Lisa Larson’s Cats

Lisa after graduating from school gained much popularity amongst the artists of Sweden and gained immense knowledge about her field, but the best part of her art was about to come. In the middle of 1950, she created a cat model with the tail up in the air. She painted her brown with stripes on the back. The beauty of her art inspired her to such an extent that she created more two cats in the row and made her the part of small series of thezoo which she named as “Lilla Zoo,” and this made her achieve her first solo success.

She then went on making more animals to add to her zoo, and she created somewhere 14 animals of different shapes and sizes. While she was working on her artwork, she also worked as a freelancer and worked with more than 10 companies. Today, she is one of the most successful artists of handmade potteries in Gustavsberg.

Today, the Potter lovers can buy her art through online sites where numerous of her artwork is featured. Her creation is a mixture of uniqueness with sheer creativity level.


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