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All the Various Pet Insurance Available in Australia

About Woolworths Insurance

This section will tell all about the insurance company and briefly what they offer. With Woolworths pet insurance, they offer the normal 3 levels of coverage for your pet:

  • Basic level
  • Standard level
  • Comprehensive level

Basic Pet Insurance Coverage

This is the section where the basic coverage for any pet insurance is spelled out for Accidental Injury as well as Illness coverage that are differ from other pet insurers. This more coverage in basic level showshow expensive the coverage will be.

Woolies basic pet insurance should be considered mid-range coverage. Based on the 25 different dog breeds for analyses, the Woolworths Basic Cover will cost around $29 each month. The excess is advanced at the $200 mark or you can pay no excess with the premium over $38.

Pet Insurance does not endorse this as it would be cheaper to just upgrade to the standard plan that averages above the $35 mark, however the excess is only $100 and the annual benefit increases toward the $10,000 PA mark.

Standard Insurance Coverage

This is where the terms of standard insurance are spelled out. With Woolworth in addition to the basic coverage plan, the standard plan coverage offers much more value where excess is lower and annual benefit limit are doubled to $10,000 plus offering up to $300 in vet consultation. Pet Insurance Australia recommends this plan as a good balance between value and cover for the pet.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

This area covers the comprehensive coverage offered in every insurance plan. Comprehensive plans offer as additional routine coverage and allow you to claim up in $100 per year. $50 can go to claims on some items such as:

  • Microchipping
  • Prescription diets
  • Obedience training in recognized facility
  • Heartworm preventative
  • Dental illness treatment

The remaining $50 can be used for either vaccination or health checkups. What is also a difference in there is a surge in Tick paralysis up to $1,500 or ($500 more), emergency boarding fees are $1200 up ($200 more) and yearly benefits limits increasing up to $12,000 per year.

Next is a pro and con section listing items for both in two columns


There is a summary on the entire insurance that looks like this:

Woolworths Pet Insurance Review

Price – 5 stars

Features and Coverage – 5 stars

Customer service – 5 stars

Benefit payout – 5 stars

Brief Summary

Woolworths pet insurance is a good product that offers more than acceptable cover for majority of pets. The standard as well as comprehensive cover is considered to be one of the best deals around.


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